Sunday, June 2, 2019

Serafina and the Seven Stars by Robert Beatty

Image from Goodreads

I got a chance to read a sample of the new Robert Beatty book Serafina and the Seven Stars.  This series has a way of capturing young readers in a unique way.  As an educator I have seen several reluctant 4th and 5th grade readers become hooked by this series!  After reading the first chapter of book 4 I see that this book captures the reader quickly and will be an awesome continuation to an already great series.  

This novel continues the story of Serifina and Brayden and their journeys while living, and protecting, Biltmore House.  Children love that this is a fantasy book but set in a real place that they can look up or even visit!

Overall I feel that this is a great read for summer to help keep reading and realize that reading is fun!)

Check it out on Goodreads. 

I received this e-book ARC of Serafina and the Seven Stars - Chapter Sampler by Robert Beatty through Net Galley from Disney-Hyperion in exchange for a truthful review.


  1. Samantha and I are reading serafina and the seven stars right now. I read over 100 pages aloud yesterday. So far the best book in the series.


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