Monday, June 3, 2019

The Municipalists by Seth Fried

Are you looking for a quick fun read? Then this book is for you! It is one of those books that doesn't require a whole lot of thinking but will make you laugh. Great for an easy summer read.  The story is set in Metropolis where life seems pretty great until a domestic computer based terrorist attack strikes.  It is now up to Henry with the help of a supercomputer AI named Owen to solve the case.

Henry is an unlikely protagonist due to his antisocial behaviors.  He simply doesn't understand people.  Owen is the contrast to this idea.  He is funny, smart, and intuitive but can also make bad decisions in the name of having fun.

If the thought of an AI drinking alcohol, making corny jokes, and flirting with others while dealing with an antisocial human sounds funny to you then check this book out!  It is a great read!

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