Friday, January 10, 2020

Book Club - February - The Institute by Stephen King

A 14 year old boy who is taken from his family in the middle of the night finds him self a resident of an institute where strange things are happening.  Luke and the other kids who are trapped in this facility are subjected to strange tests, vaccinations, and other studies. What is going on? Why are they there?  What are the strange tests?   

I am not a typical Stephen King reader but when I read the premise behind this book I was intrigued. This is a long read but it grabs you so quickly that you become engrossed and cannot put it down.  It is a great read that both Stephen King fans and those who are not his typical readers are sure to enjoy. 

Ready, Player One by Ernest Cline

I cannot do this book justice. It is by far my favorite book ever. It has action, adventure, video games, coding, a challenge, and 80's trivia. What more is there to love?  Set in 2044 the world is in a state of disaster.   The protagonist, Wade Watts, along with the rest of the world can only escape by entering the virtual reality world of OASIS.  When the creator of the OASIS dies, he leaves behind an "Easter Egg"  and a trail of challenging clues for the users of the program to follow.  The winner will become the new head of the OASIS.  Will the "gunters" who are true to the spirit of the competition win or will the OASIS fall in to the hands of the corporate "Sixers."  This is a tale for every one to love!

 This is a beautiful story that brings together multiple generations.  This story shows a current generation realizing the struggles and sac...